Ultra-Glam Hair Color Ideas 2012

Ultra-Glam Hair Color Ideas 2012
If you're fond of your new cut and you need a radiant shade, check out the ultra-glam hair color ideas 2012 below. Never underestimate the visual power of a high fashion hue.
25 Nov, 2011

Depending on the impression you want to create, hundreds of hairdressers offer you the chance to copycat one of these in-salon looks. In order to guarantee the successful outcome of your beauty update, it is important to visit a pro hair salon. Ask the advice of your stylist on the selection of the most flattering shade. Revive your natural hue or switch to a statement and edgy look if this is what you're craving for. The ultra-glam hair color ideas 2012 are your secret weapon to land on the best tressed list.

by Royston Blythe

by Terri Kay

by Richard Mannah

by Terri Kay

  • You'll find here natural-looking hair coloring options through which you'll be able to flaunt your fondness for glossy and glamorous shades. If your purpose is to kiss goodbye to monotony and plain locks, it is highly recommended to go for a hue which is 1-2 shades lighter or darker than your natural tone. Pro colorists will offer you the chance to inject natural radiance and definition into your tresses. On the other hand, if you want to break out of your moth-like look, it's time to embrace the newest alternative hair color trends. Those who are ready to live on the bright side of life have the privilege to choose hues from an infinite color palette. Purple, pink and blue are only some of the most impressive colors to experiment with.

  • by Katie Mulchany

    by Richard Mannah

    by Kristina Russel

    by Marie Cain

  • Rock a too-hot-to-handle new shade to flash your trendsetter ambitions. Take inspiration from these amazing hair designs and team up your already smashing cut with a gorgeous color. Block-coloring looks simply dazzling when done by pro hairdressers. The key to pride yourself with a radiant and artsy shade is to incorporate the high street color protective cleansing and conditioning formulas into your beauty kit.

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