Only the thought of chopping off long locks may make some nervous, but every woman considers getting a short(er) haircut at one time or another.
Short hairstyles have been several female celebrities' top choices that made thousands of women run to the hair salon to ask for Rihanna's cut, the Victoria Beckham pixie or Katie Holmes' short bob.

Rihanna Short Haircut
Rihanna Trendy Short Hairstyle

Katie Holmes Short Bob Hairstyle
Victoria Beckham Short Hairstyle

The new short hairstyles are fun to style and very versatile - ask for disconnected layers, bangs that are longer or a nape that is asymmetrical.
These elements will give a trendy twist to a short haircut that can be styled easily from day to night: you only need a few minutes to slick it back, curl ends, slip in a hair accessory like headbands or barrettes.

All the little time-saving advantages of short hairstyles will add up to one big one – much less stress for you! Experimenting with different hair products and hair styling tools can also change your look every other day, without worrying too much about hair damage, as the ends are “newer” and healthier.

Short Layered Bob Hairstyle for Women
Trendy Short Hairstyle for Women

Short Haircut for Women
Short Hairstyles for Women