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  • Cool Hair Color Trends to Try

    Count down the up-and-coming beauty trends of the moment and flip through the cool hair color trends to try. Showcase your style-awareness and tint your tresses with eye-popping shades. Make sure you have...

  • Glam Hair Highlights 2011

    Don't be afraid to vamp up your tresses with the latest hair coloring trends as illustrated below. These glam hair highlights 2011 will take you to the next level when it comes of hair styling and dyeing....

  • Ultra-Glam Hair Color Ideas 2012

    If you're fond of your new cut and you need a radiant shade, check out the ultra-glam hair color ideas 2012 below. Never underestimate the visual power of a high fashion hue.

  • At Home Hair Color Tips and Ideas

    Get a gorgeous new hair color in your own bathroom, but make sure you follow these at-home coloring secrets to avoid any hair disasters! Find out what hair colors are safe to get at home and what colors...

  • How to Dye Your Hair at Home

    How to dye your hair at home - get some tips and tricks on coloring hair at home, getting highlights or on how to touch up your roots without any hair disasters.

  • Ombre Hair Color Idea

    Ombre Hair Color Idea

    Wednesday, 19th Jan 2011

    Use this ombre hair color idea to sport a versatile and up-to-the-minute style. Pair the fab hair dyeing trend with your midi locks and make sure you use the best...

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