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  • Get Shiny Hair At Home

    Steal the spotlight with luscious locks and amazing shine with our must-read hair styling tips! Learn how to get shiny hair at home and the tricks to a salon finish!

  • Chic Formal Hair Styles 2011

    Glossy and luxe tresses are some of the must have accessories to complement a fabulous glam look. Therefore drop a glimpse at these chic formal hair styles 2011 that would definitely keep hair styling...

  • At Home Hair Color Tips and Ideas

    Get a gorgeous new hair color in your own bathroom, but make sure you follow these at-home coloring secrets to avoid any hair disasters! Find out what hair colors are safe to get at home and what colors...

  • How to Dye Your Hair at Home

    How to dye your hair at home - get some tips and tricks on coloring hair at home, getting highlights or on how to touch up your roots without any hair disasters.

  • How to Cut or Trim Your Own Bangs

    How to cut or trim your own bangs fringes without cutting them too short and not even. Check out these must know tips!

  • African American Hair Care Tips

    African American hair care tips and tricks - taking care of your hair at home, a five minute guide on Black hair care needs and easy solutions.

  • What Hair Color Is Right For Me

    What hair color is right for you is the same hue that you should match your skin tone and eyes color, blue eyes, hazel brown or black, light skin or dark skin.

  • How to Style Easy Updo Hairstyle with Headband

    How to style an updo hairstyle with headband - easy step by step tutorial on how to make a long hair updo and how to make headbands at home.

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