Stylish Braided Hair Styles

Stylish Braided Hair Styles
Romantic hair styles will spare you from style blunders. Therefore sport these stylish braided hair styles with confidence and an alluring attitude. Master the art of braiding and learn the best designs to increase the number of hair styling options your hair length offers. Medium, short and also long locks will benefit of the beauty and practical quality of braids.
01 Feb, 2011

Braided hair styles are some of the top options for ladies to play up their feminine and romantic allure. As one of the favorite hair styling techniques used when creating some of the most visionary and complex wedding and Prom hair style. Plaits managed to achieve a strong and indubitable reputation. Those who are fond of these sensuous and fabulous looks should take a closer peek at the stylish braided hair styles presented below. These would definitely make those sigh, who are eager to highlight their flirty features and wish to find the best accessory to complement a fabulous and fresh apparel.

by Lee Preston

by Hair Factory

by Paul Mitchell

by Patrick Cameron

  • In order to enjoy the endless benefits of braided hair styles it is important to learn more about the traditional as well as alternative and cutting edge braiding techniques. Besides the all time favorite French braids you'll find now both the Fishtail as well as rope braids that might seem a real challenge to pull off for those who are rookies in the high tech hair styling. However following the easy-to-learn instructions and tricks, you'll have the chance to master the secret of these cute sculpting methods. Play with the texture as well as length of your hair to bring out the most of your formal or casual romantic look.

  • by Wild Life Hair

    by Goldsworthy

    by Paul Mitchell

    by Barbara Wuillot

  • Use the best tools to create the most stunning braided hair styles and combine these cute accessories with other beloved formal hair styles as buns and twists. Choose the best style you can also create and complement a simple updo or half updo with cute plaits. Use these examples as the best models to copycat and exercise with. Braid your bangs for a modern and sensual look. On the other hand you can also include all your locks into a more complex and high class hairdo especially if you're preparing for a special event. Weddings, parties as well as the Prom are perfect occasions to flaunt your style-awareness and hair styling talent.

  • by Rush

    by Goldwell

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    by The Colour Room

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