Spring/Summer 2011 Ponytails and Braids Trend

Spring/Summer 2011 Ponytails and Braids Trend
Lately, two of the easiest hairstyles, which don't necessarily require too much effort and time to make them, became the It-hairstyles among so many different trends. Ponytails and braids are sported by celebrities and fashionistas around the world. Since there are numerous ways to wear them, take a look to the spring/summer ponytails and braids trend in order to draw your inspiration.
20 Jan, 2011

Braids (Valentino, Erdem, Hermès) and ponytails represent the easiest way to style your hair in no time. However, since it is usually thought that this type of hairstyles is mostly appropriate for casual and daytime activities, you should know that there are different ways to sport them, even in a sexy and elegant approach. As some of these styles only draw attention towards your face, you must be 100% sure they flatter your features.

When it comes to the classic ponytail, keep in mind that there is no monotonous and perfect pony whatsoever. Lately, it has been spotted on numerous fashion shows (Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Lacoste) and various celebrities flaunted their tresses pulled-back in a shiny ponytail. Therefore, there is no wonder it became the It summertime hairstyle, reinventing itself every season and finding amazing, special versions.



Ralph Lauren

It is true that there is a ponytail style for everyone, but you first need to make sure your hair is clean and has enough volume. After preparing your hair for styling, you can start the actual process. Depending on the type of ponytail you choose, you won't necessarily need maximum effort and time in order to obtain a perfect-looking hairstyle.

Spring/summer 2011 ponytails trend means a riot of different versions. For example, you can sport a polished and sophisticated ponytail, with a lock of hair camouflaging the elastic band, such as seen at Issey Miyake or Giambattista Valli.

As previously mentioned, there are ponytails for everyone and for every occasion. Sexy backcombed hair looks incredibly feminine adding a retro vibe to your overall aspect and it can be successfully applied to ponytails too. Spotted at Celine and Calvin Klein, the messy, yet sexy version of the ponytail can bring out your most beautiful features. On the other hand, if you want something more girly and playful, try the cute version seen at Lacoste. Moreover, in order to boost a romantic look, add an adorable, colored scarf at the base of the ponytail as seen at Blugirl.

Issey Miyake

Giambattista Valli


Calvin Klein



Spring/summer 2011 braids trend features amazing styles that will certainly upgrade your look. For the upcoming season, there are two trends that made a strong comeback. First, there is the simple, shiny, healthy-looking braid as seen at Hermès, and second, there is the already popular side, loose braid as spotted at Valentino. These two braided hairstyles are so easy to achieve at home with a minimum amount of effort.

Since one of the hottest hairstyle trends for spring/summer 2011 includes braids, why not to try more special and complex versions? If you want a great way to add a romantic and fun touch to your look, choose the bohemian, milkmaid braid-inspired style as seen at Erdem. Even though it might seem rather difficult to make, you can try this bohemian style too. For those who want something more Gothic, the Givenchy braids can be a real source of inspiration.




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