Short Layered Bob Hair Styles

Short Layered Bob Hair Styles
This round-up of the most stylish short layered Bob hair styles will provide you with a rich source inspiration for your next hair makeover. Enhance your lifeless strands with attitude and a modern groove by opting for asymmetry. Graduation will arm you up with the secret weapon to keep your locks versatile and on trend.
07 Feb, 2011

Step into the magical world of the prettiest hair styles. Timeless hair designs managed to maintain their spotless reputation and popularity therefore it is highly advisable to sport them upgraded to the latest tendencies. The following short layered Bob hair styles will add a feel good vibe to your appearance and can immediately boost your confidence.

Discover the benefits of layering as one of the top tricks to keep monotony away from our 'do. Ramp up your locks and let romance paired with a cutting edge groove rule your next makeover session. If the desire to make a radical change in your look is pretty strong, feel free to experiment with graduated haircuts that suit all face shapes and hair textures.

by Schwarzkopf

by Babyliss Pro

by L

by Essensuals

  • Asymmetry is the buzzword when it comes of preserving the versatile and all event-appropriate quality of our 'do. If you're fond of the modern designs it's the perfect moment to become a real explorer of brand new styles. Bob hair styles when enhanced and complemented with graduation will grant you with numerous hair styling options perfect to test your skills and find your dream 'do. The upcoming season promotes the use of the latest hair styling formulas to achieve the desired effect. For a silky soft and more classy design maintain the sleek texture of your look. Whereas if you're not the restrained type of girl, maker sure you flash your styling talent by pulling off an eye-catching signature look.

  • by Jim Crone

    by Ozzie Rizzo

    by JL Morrison

    by Ozzie Rizzo

  • Train yourself for the next stylish makeover session, by skimming through the most stylish layered Bob hair styles presented here. Use your sculpting skills and the best tools to create a look that would definitely make you feel and look hot. The Bob hair style never looked so refined and faddish than in this case, when asymmetry brought out all the best qualities of this ageless do. Teen and adults both can enjoy the benefits of these hair styles especially if they wish to cut back on the time they spend in front of the mirror and ease the hair styling process. Bob hair styles are undoubtedly some of the cuts worth trying out especially if you wish to follow the footsteps of the greatest hair chameleons from Celebsville.

  • by Clynol Artistic Team

    by Hair Machine

    by Royston Blythe

    by Sharon Malcolm

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