Short Choppy Layered Hair Styles

Short Choppy Layered Hair Styles
Appreciate a spectacular hairdo and make sure you do your best to sport a modern and polished haircut. These short choppy layered hair styles are perfect for those who wish to upgrade their style with a statement accessory. Let texture as well as complex structure mesmerize you and go for the tapered do for guaranteed standing ovation paid to your dapper do.
27 Jan, 2011

You're lusting after a sexy and sophisticated haircut, then sure you need to drop a glimpse at these hot short choppy layered hair styles that look simply amazing when paired with all hair types. Add your do a classy or more edgy twist by embedding the cool asymmetrical sections. Use graduation as the perfect tool to banish the dull impression of your tresses. Discover the infinite pleasure as well as hair styling options these crops will grant you with and sure you won't wish to go back to the blunt and uniform designs.Ask yourself whether you're ready for a dramatic change in your look and welcome the new season with an urbane chic appearance.

by Lawrence Anthony Salon

by Simon Houston

by Joico

by Preston Hair Salon

  • The heyday of the classic silhouettes is long gone. Now it's time to combine futuristic effects with the ageless designs. Therefore if you're a fan of evolution make sure you keep an eye on the up-and-coming hairdressing tendencies of the moment. These short layered haircuts help you adapt to the new style waves. Use layering as the best means to experiment with more alternative and edgy looks. You can keep things tamed and soft if you keep the choppy ends silky and let them blend into the overall do. Take glimpse at the hair style alternatives presented here to see whether choppy layers are the real deal for you both when it comes of highlighting your best features as well as mirroring your personality.

  • by Headquarters Artistic Team

    by Headquarters Artistic Team

    by Lawrence Anthony Salon

    by Haringtons Hair

  • Thanks to the uber-versatile quality of these hair styles you'll be spared from the long hours spent in front of the mirror. Instead all you have to do is arm up your styling kit with the latest formulas and have them at hand when you've got bored of your natural texture and wish to play with the choppy layers and their visual effect. Place the thinned out sections only to the front sections if you wish to keep things more simple. However those who crave for a top-to-toe change in their do will also have the chance to spread layers all over the short hairstyle.Choose the option that meets your criteria of a dream 'do.

  • by Vidal Sassoon

    by Nelson Brown

    by Colin McAndrew

    by Sueng Ki Baek

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