Bun hairstyles are the easiest and quickest hairstyles to pull off and always look neat and polished. Buns are also really versatile and can change your whole look depending on where you position the knot, where you place your parting or the type of texture you create.

Learn how to copy the hottest 2010 Spring runway bun hairstyles when in a hurry and the time is ticking!
Charlotte Ronson 2010 Spring Runway Bun Hairstyle
Fendi Spring 2010 Bun Hairstyle

Any updo will work best when you start off with day-old hair. As freshly washed hair might be too slippery, the natural oils from your hair will give it a good grip.

Spritz water to slightly damp hair down and apply a handful of styling mousse, working through hair from root to tip.
Then blast with the blow dryer to set the product. Brush through with a bristle brush, then tease the hair around the hairline to get a bit of lift and smooth back over with the brush.

Runway Bun Hairstyles
Lanvin 2010 Spring Hairstyles

Gather all your hair into a ponytail and secure with a hair-friendly elastic. Spray the pony with hairspray, then tease it to add volume and get a big, fat bun.
Don't be afraid to use more product as this will give the bun a 'crispy' finish, a staple of the 2010 Spring hairstyles trends.

Place your thumb in the middle of the pony and wrap your hair around your thumb into a bun, tucking in the ends. Secure as you wrap with small V-shaped hair pins – these are easier to hide than regular bobby pins and give a neater shape to your fashion bun.
Finish the look with a healthy dose of hairspray.

If a few strands fall out, leave them – the point of the runway bun hairstyle is that it's not all that perfect.