Romantic Do-it-Yourself Hairstyles

Romantic Do-it-Yourself Hairstyles
Looking extremely feminine and glamorous doesn't always require professional styling skills or tools. For certain special occasions, such as a date, we look for sweet, bohemian hairstyles that can be done in no time, with a minimum amount of effort. Take a look to these adorable romantic do-it-yourself hairstyles and draw your inspiration.
10 Feb, 2011

Romantic hairstyles will always represent a versatile and practical choice. Feminine, extremely flattering, with a cute, innocent feel, they offer a fresh, natural and sweet vibe without giving the impression of trying too hard. There are so many different romantic hairdos, especially for medium-length and long hairstyles, everything stands in your personal style, facial features, and the event you need to attend.

If you want something natural, try a cute twist by creating a side parting. Then, take a small section in front and twist backwards, securing it with a grip. Hair with a natural, fresh look will always be hot. Still, if you want to add romanticism use a cute hair accessory.

What can be more romantic than long, soft wavy or curly hair? This simple, yet oh-so-glamorous hairstyle is easy and quick to do and it already became a classic. Gentle, natural-looking cascading waves are so adorable, yet so sensual. If you have straight hair, use a curling iron, a hair straightener, or hot rollers in order to obtain fairytale waves. On the other hand, if your hair is curly, for a romantic effect, experts recommend to straighten the roots and emphasize your curls at the ends. Don't forget to apply the appropriate products for shiny, healthy, glamorous hair.

If there is one hairstyle that proved its eternal character that is the classic updo. This timeless hairstyle has an array of different variations, from simple, messy ones to more elaborated and accessorized ones. In this context, it is rather impossible not to find a flattering style for your face shape. Both romantic and sophisticated, the simple chignon, ballerina-inspired, needs just five minutes to be properly done. For a maximum romantic effect opt for the messy version. Moreover, you can also try an apparently complicated style with a pretty twist or a chic, bohemian hair accessory such as a headband.

Another romantic way to instantaneously upgrade a simple bun is to add braids. Take a hair section and make a French braid from the temple going towards the nape of the neck. Next, gather your hair into a low ponytail. Twist your hair into a loose roll and pin in place. This romantic do-it-yourself hairstyle works even on curly hair and it helps you to successfully hide bangs. It is not absolutely necessary to keep it neat and you can try a rather disheveled look.

For girls who are more into the effortless style, braids are perfect, whether you choose a side fishtail plait or a simple side braid. Besides, they bring that romantic touch that reminds us of a fairytale princess, especially if you go for the slightly messy version. Even though it looks rather complicated, the fishtail plait is easy to do. Start by dividing your hair into two equal hair sections. Next, take one small segment from one side and put it across to join the other section, then repeat on the opposite site. Continue braiding until you obtain a beautiful, romantic fishtail plait. Use an elastic band to secure the plait. You can even use this hairstyle for in order to make a stylish, unique demi-up.

If you are in search of romantic do-it-yourself hairstyles, keep in mind that the playful and girlie ponytail can become sweet and bohemian with just a simple fresh twist. Perfect for long and medium-length hair, the classic ponytail is nonchalant and carefree, yet feminine and sexy, and it takes minimum effort. As this is one hairstyle trend that reappears every year, we cannot keep wearing it in numerous versions. From the simple, ladylike style to the backcombed variant, the already popular ponytail is one romantic choice.

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