Classic Short Haircut for Men

New Short Men’s Hairstyles

Today much emphasis is laid on men’s hairstyles. Today's men are more possessive and concern for their image as compared to women.
A nice clean cut can make you look mature and sophisticated, or it may do just the opposite, it makes you look younger. Of course it depends on what your intentions are.
Also, a short hairstyle is very versatile and can work in every situation.

Uniform Short Crop Men Haircut Sharp Short Men Hairstyle Short Layered Men's Hair Cut

This uniform extra short crop is a simple, no-fuss hairstyle. The back, side and crown sections have been cliper cut.

Sharp barbered hairstyles are back with slightly more length through the top. Just use wax, comb and go.

To get this style ask for a short tapered at the back and longer, spiky layers on top.