Men's Haircut Trends for 2012

Men's Haircut Trends for 2012
Jazz up your look with one of the latest men's haircut trends for 2012. Define the ideal length and style to make sure you have a myriad of styling options. Show off your creativity with a too-hot-to-handle crop.
17 Oct, 2011

Turn heads with your masculine and modern haircut. Define the right length to make sure the crop suits your styling ambitions. Short hair is versatile and can be kept in top shape with a few basic products. Arm yourself up with a tiny amount of mousse or wax to experiment with a large parade of hairdos. The men's haircut trends for 2012 offer you an insight into the newest hair cutting techniques used by pro hairdressers. If you're flirting with the idea of a style-transformation be sure to skim through these inspirational alternatives.

by Cheynes Hairdressing

by Jean Claude Aubry

by Alfaparf

by Maksim Nikithochkin

  • Rockabilly inspired haircuts are perfect for those who are not afraid to sport an exquisite look to make a statement. Play with your natural texture and discover the infinite styling alternatives these hair designs offer. If you're worried about going too short, leave top layers longer for versatility. This hairdressing trick will guarantee an army of sculpting ideas your can experiment with. Feast your eyes on the masterfully sculpted crops below and pick your favorite hairstyle for an upcoming makeover session.

  • by Jean Claude Aubry

    by Pierre Alexandre

    by Guy Kremer

    by Jean Louis David

  • Update your look with stylish haircut that radiates confidence and a cool attitude towards styling. Asymmetry is indeed your best pal when it comes to keeping monotony at a by. Let choppy layers speak for your cool and bold styling ambitions. Draw some inspiration from these gorgeous looks and consider your face shape and hair texture when selecting the most flattering crop.

  • by Raffel Pages

    by Petra Mechurova

    by Trendy Hair

    by Trendy Hair

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