Medium length hair styles are one of the most popular and flattering hairstyles around. Medium hairstyles can take you just everywhere, with the versatility of shorter haircuts and the feminine appearance of long hairstyles.

You can easily wear medium length hair styles in a myriad ways: curly, straight, wavy, pulled back or styled in stylish updos. However, to get the best results always identify your face shape when choosing a new medium length hairstyle. If you're unsure of your face shape, look in the mirror and simply draw around the reflection of your face with an old lipstick or pencil liner to see its true shape.

Medium Length Hair Styles
Medium Length Layered Hairstyle Curly

If you have a square face shape your main goal is to soften your strong, angular jaw line. Square face shapes should avoid one-length hairstyles and opt for lots of layers instead. Also, blunt cut bangs will only enhance the squareness of your face. Soften strong features and angles of the face with subtle layers and rounded cuts.

For straight hair choose layers that start at the jaw line, which will draw the eye away from angular features. To find the best medium hair style for square faces, choose wavy texture over blunt, one-length haircuts and solid shapes and go for layers, especially around the face.

Medium Length Shag Hair Style
Medium Length Layered Hair Style
Medium Layered Haircut
Medium Hairstyle for Heart Face Shape

When choosing the best medium length hairstyles for long/oblong face shapes always consider the ones that will add width to your face and minimize its vertical length.
Wavy and curly hairstyles are ideal as these will create the illusion of width. Also bangs are great to make a long face shape appear shorter, but if you're not a big fan of bangs, never choose a middle parting; instead shift it to the side to build width.
Wearing your medium length hair poker-straight will make your face look longer, but if you like straight hair, add longer layers around the nose, chin and shoulders for the most flattering frame for your face.

In the case of round shaped faces, the main goal is to break up the outline of the face. Avoid blunt bangs, as showing off your forehead gives the illusion of a longer face. Heavy layers around the chin will only accentuate width and roundness. You can tuck hair behind your ears to help slim the face down.
Longer layers around the face draw the eye downwards and attention away from the wide part of the face. Try to avoid curls, as the will accentuate the width of the face.

Medium Bob Hair Style
Medium Shag Haircut

Heart shaped faces need to create width around the narrow chin and elongate the face. When choosing a hairstyle, you should go for height and volume, but avoid adding width. Create length with a long, side-sweeping bang and stay away from heavy, blunt cut bangs, as these will exaggerate the forehead. Add layers just below the chin to draw the eye downwards. For the most flattering shape, flick out layers around the chin.

Oval face shapes can wear their medium length hair in almost any style. A subtly textured hairstyle that hits the shoulders work well, especially when worn in a side parting with no bangs. Also, bold asymmetric shapes, sharper lines and highly layered haircuts will sit great in oval face shapes. Those with oval shaped faces should wear their hair away from the face so hair doesn't overpower features.