Little Girls Mid-length Hairstyle
Medium Hairstyles for Little Girls

When it comes to your kids' hairstyle you should really consider getting a simple, but stylish one. They need simple, easy-to-manage hairstyles for a couple of reasons. Most busy moms don’t have time for high maintenance young girls' hairstyles, but still want their children to look neat and presentable. Kids younger than 12 years old usually do not need very stylish, complicated hairstyles, they're are more socially aware of trends and want to become more integrated after that age. Also, young girls are active, hairstyles that are kept simple and easy to manage are the best choice since they'll will get their hair dirty and all tangled up.

Kids Curly Bob Hairstyle
Young Girls Medim Bob Hairstyle
Mid-length Hairstyles

The bob haircut is also very popular - a little past the ears or shoulder length, eventually with bangs. If your little princess has more naturally curly hair - you shouldn’t cut her hair shorter than the ear, as a little bit of length will weigh the curls down and control them. Medium long hairstyles also allow some options with different cute looks: ringlets, waves, half-ponytails, or accessorizing with cute headbands or clips.