Transform your look and get a bob hairstyle without cutting your hair!
Style your hair into a faux bob - fake shorter the look with the following hair styling steps!

DIY Hairstyles the Faux Bob
The faux bob work best on medium to long, wavy, curly or straight hair types.

All you need is:

- volumizing product
- curling iron
- hair wax
- rat tail comb
- bobby pins
- hairspray

How to Style the Faux Bob Hairstyle
Hair Styling Steps with Photos

Step 1.
As with most updos, styling the faux bob is easier on day-old hair, so wash yours a night before. If your hair is fine or has no volume, apply a volumizing product to roots to add a little lift and maximize the texture.

Step 2.
The faux bob looks great with wavy hair, so if your hair is not naturally curly, take the curling iron and curl your hair section by section.
Don't worry about keeping the curls even, to get a more natural look.

How to Style Hair
Easy to Do Hairstyles Faux Bob

Step 3.
Put a bit of wax on your fingers and spread through the curls to define them and give a little shine.

Step 4.
Use the ends of the comb to create a side part and guide the curls befind your ears.

Step 5.
Roll the ends of your hair up and under, flattening against the back of the head.
Secure in place with bobby pins, criss-crossing them in an X shape.
Pick out loose waves to frame the face and finish with hairspray.