With all the energy involved in creating intricate styles, simple messy upsweeps are the real party 'dos to desire.
Get a gorgeous updo with minimum effort in a few simple steps and a custom made headband.
Holiday Hairstyles Messy Updo
How to style the updo

Work mousse through hair.
Part hair in wide pieces and wrap hair around big Velcro rollers and blast with the hair-dryer.
Wait to cool and take rollers out and pin curls loosely with bobby pins into a bun at the crown. Spritz with strong hold hairspray.
Accessorize with a headband - save plastic accessories for daytime; parties require fancy fabrics like silk and satin.
How to Style Simple Easy Updo
Updo Hairstyle for Long Hair
How to make a headband

Can't find an exact match for your outfit? Make one yourself!
Use a braided cord from a crafts store – find a color or texture to match what you're wearing, then tie the ends with elastic.

Another cute alternative is to use criss cross two elastic bands across the crown.
You can find tons of them in cute colors and patterns.

Try mixing and matching different-sized fabrics for a totally unique look.
A tiny bow or feathers give a headband a feminine final touch.
Updo Hairstyle with Headband How to make a homemade headband