The secret to making bob hairstyles versatile is having a great haircut that suits your hair type and texture, allowing you to wear it curly, straight, styled up or down.
Learn how to style bob hairstyles for work, for the weekend or a night with hair styling tips to take you from day to night.

A mid-length bob haircut is a timeless classic that work on all face shapes.
Get layers throughout the cut so you can create texture and movement in your style, which isn't so easy for one-length hair.

Bob Hairstyles for Work
How to Style Bob Hairstyles

How to style bob hairstyles for work

A shiny, sleek bob is perfect for work. To stop it looking too hard and stiff, layers again will soften the bob.
The lifted crown paired with a smooth finish result a wearable 'grown-up' hairstyle that can be transformed easily for a night out, by pulling hair back and securing with a headband.
Create the perfect finish by blow-drying hair smooth, then running a flat iron through surface layers to get rid of any flyaways.

How to Style Bob Hairstyles for Work
How to Style Bob Haircuts for Work
How to style bob hairstyles for the weekend

To a casual weekend look, add shape to your bob hairstyle with gentle movement and subtle wavy texture.
Create the tousled waves by working a texturizing product through your lengths and blow-dry until hair is 80% dry, using a diffuser to give your natural-looking waves. Leave the rest of your hair to dry naturally for a relaxed, loose finish.

How to Style Wavy Bob Hairstyles
How to Style Bob Hair Styles

How to style formal curly bob hairstyles

Get a head full of curls for formal bob hairstyles. Style by working some mousse through the lengths of damp hair. Then take 1 inch sections, twist and pin to the head.
Repeat until all the hair is twisted. Use your hairdryer over each twist to speed up the drying process and leave to cool.
Unravel the ripples and break them up by shaking your hands through the hair.
The stack of wave will give the impression of fullness and volume.

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How to Style Formal Bob Hairstyles
How to Style Curly Bob Hairstyles