We’ll start with the short hair ladies. Tousled layers with a lot of volume in coppery red or golden blonde shades are going to be big during these seasons. These warm, rich, vibrant colors add spice and warmth, no matter what the weather feels like outside. Plus, the look is easy to accomplish with the right cut and a lot of mousse or a volume enhancing shampoo. You can just apply mousse after you shampoo, scrunch, and go. It’s an easy hair style that looks fabulous.

Another great short hair style to consider is super short hair with piecey bangs swept across the forehead gently. This lovely look goes best with gently highlighted hair. We just love the blonde and brown combination of this look that Keira Knightley is currently sporting, but it’s up to you to decide what colors work best for your face.

Keira Knightley Bob Hairstyle Reese Witherspoon Hairstyle

For those who want a little more length, we recommend soft layers with side swept bangs. This look is hot and can be seen on lots of big celebrities, such as Reese Witherspoon and Mandy Moore. Any color hair and any face shape will look good with this simple style. It works best for shoulder length hair or shorter and can easily be accomplished with a blow dryer and a good old fashioned can of hairspray. You just blow the bangs to the side, style them the way you like, and then spray away for an extra strong hold.

Ladies with medium hair will be glad to know that the chin length bob is also back in fashion in the coming seasons. The classic bob looks great on those with angular faces and strong jaw lines, but anybody can rock the lock with the right amount of confidence and grace.

Ladies with long hair will love the hot new look being sported by Mary Louise Parker and even young Miley Cyrus. It’s gorgeous and incredibly simple to achieve. Hair is simply put into gentle finger waves and left to hang naturally. There’s really no prep time on this one, and it’s a look that the guys just go wild over. Just be careful of using too many styling products, because the look works best when it appears natural.

Another nice long hair option is the French Twist. This simple style is coming back in full force and should be all the rage at holiday parties. You simply put your hair into a ponytail at the nape of the neck, twist it, and then pin it near the top of your head. You can let a few pieces fall out for a more relaxed look. To be very fashionable, you should add a fancy clip or barrette to complete the look and turn you into a real glamour girl.

Obviously, these are just a few of the big styles of the season, but we know you can find one that looks great on you. Just choose something that works with your facial shape and makes your best features sparkle. Also remember that you don’t have to just go with the current trends. The main thing that’s important is that you love the look. That’s the only way you can truly rock it.

Contributor: Dailymakeover.com
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