Gorgeous Short Layered Hairstyles 2012

Gorgeous Short Layered Hairstyles 2012
These gorgeous short layered hairstyles 2012 are a guaranteed way to turn heads. Trim your locks to rock a versatile and all face shape-friendly hairdo that provides you with infinite hair styling options.
05 Oct, 2011

If you're flirting with the idea of making the cut learn more about your options. Recreate the hottest professional short hairstyles presented below. These fabulous crops suit all face shapes and hair textures.

Explore the infinite benefits of a micro-cut and keep your look versatile with a few life-saving styling ideas. These short layered hairstyles for 2012 presented below serve as the solution to your beauty dilemmas. Prep your locks for the ultimate makeover and add a flirty flair to your appearance by exposing more of your features.

by Bruno Weppe

by Loreal

by MG

by Elena Varela

  • Embrace a voguish and uber-flattering Pixie hairstyle which offers you the chance to experiment with zillion different looks. For a mussed-up look use a tiny amount of wax and a high street hair dryer. On the other hand, if you're into sleek and classy designs, you can also preserve the poker straight texture of your strands using a flat iron. Sculpt your locks according to your mood. Make sure you don't get stuck in a style rut by sporting the same short hair trend for months. Surprise your entourage with creative and scene-stealing hairdos to land on the best tressed list.

  • by Wella

    by The Colour Room

    by Neil Barton

    by Mic Styling

  • Ride high on the short Bob hairstyle as do your fave celebrities. Go for a stylish and timeless cut that furnishes you with a myriad of hair styling alternatives. Regardless of your hair texture and face shape, you'll be able to find at least one look to make a fab style statement with. This easy-to-wear hairdo is perfect if you're lusting after the safest transition from medium/long to short hair. Reclaim your trendsetter status and break out of your plain shell with a gorgeous Bob style. Use the newest formulas to guarantee the long-lasting hold of your sleek or on the contrary Punked up do.

  • by Biba

    by Biba

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