Chic Formal Hair Styles 2011

Chic Formal Hair Styles 2011
Glossy and luxe tresses are some of the must have accessories to complement a fabulous glam look. Therefore drop a glimpse at these chic formal hair styles 2011 that would definitely keep hair styling junkies on their toes. Opt for the simple designs if you wish to pull off these cute look at home. On the other hand if you decide to experiment with the more complex styles make sure you ask the help of a pro stylist.
12 Jan, 2011

There's no denying that the best occasions to show your most glamorous side are the special ceremonies and events. In this case it seems that everyone longs for an eye-popping and high street hairdo that won't be overlooked. If you're eager to show off your creativity why not test your skills with these absolutely chic formal hair styles 2011. There's no need to sport an bouffant style to look stunning in fact you can skim through a multitude of looks that would make the same mesmerizing impression when paired with your alluring outfit.

by Jill Watkins Wright

by Hannah Gordon

by Sharon Malcolm

by Sharon Malcolm

  • Add some definition to your locks and keep them silky and soft with the latest hair care formulas. In this case it would be enough to complete your do with curls,stylish waves or additional braids if you would like to stick to a glam downdo. Check out these sight-pleasing hair style examples that look simply scene-stealing no matter the lenght of the hair. Medium and also long locks can be styled in these designs with the use of high quality sculpting tools and products that would secure the long-lasting effect of the formal do.

  • by Sharon Malcolm

    by Kay McIntyre

    by Jasmine Redstone

    by Neil Smith

  • If you're looking for a more prominent visual effect don't forget about the gorgeous impression braiding can create. Embed the pleated sections into a stylish updo or a cute side bun. These options will turn your hair style into a real work of art making it the most luxurious accessory of your overall appearance. Choose from the ultra-modern designs if these suit your personality. However you can also stick to the tried and tested options that would keep your look absolutely fail-proof.

  • by Vanilla Rooms

    by Janer Stewart

    Honor the special events with a similar stunning hair style and feel free to exercise and improve your styling skills. Take a closer look at these fascinating hair style examples and choose the one that matches your personality and would suit your outfit.

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