Chic Celebrity Braided Hair Styles

Chic Celebrity Braided Hair Styles
Join the craze of flirty hair design fans by copycatting the following Chic Celebrity Braided Hair Styles. Master the art of plaits and come up with brand new designs you can popularize among your friends and admirers.
25 Mar, 2011

Braids managed to preserve their key trend title for series of seasons. The runway is flooded with the most mesmerizing plait designs which actually motivated our fave beauty icons, to indulge themselves in a fabulous makeover. The chic celebrity braided hair styles below are only some of the most impressive examples on how Celebsville is eager to embrace the newest braiding techniques and looks. If you're keen to follow the footsteps of these stylish celebs it's time to master the art of the various braiding designs. French braids, fishtail or milkmaid plaits will serve as the best styling methods to inject some interest into your 'do.

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  • Long braided locks are style classics in hair styling. Those who wish to dig out the most of their hair length, should braid their locks using the different plaiting techniques. Match the right design to your hair sculpting skills and sport your do with confidence. Special events scream for a mesmerizing do. You can use braids to shine through the crowd either with your super-polished do or a Boho chic and more relaxed style. The decision is yours, therefore make sure you use high quality styling formulas and a tress-friendly elastic. Draw some inspiration from the looks above and make sure you pair the right hairstyle to your face shape. Thanks to the universally flattering quality of this hairdo, it can adapt to all hair textures from curly to super-sleek.

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  • If you would like to break with the tradition of braiding a ponytail or sporting braided pigtails, you can opt for the looks above. In order to be able to wear braids with midi or short locks you can place the plaited sections into the bangs or the sides. These chic beauty divas will offer you the best example to rock out the braided bangs trends. A similar hairdo will definitely enhance your locks and overall look with a tint of old time glamor. In spite of using the simply French braiding technique the style will be impressive and unique. Romance is in the air when flashing your brand new braided hair style. A real perma-trend both on the catwalk as well as the red carpet braids will keep on charming the public with their timeless allure.

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