Celebrity Vintage Hair Styles

Celebrity Vintage Hair Styles
Need some style inspiration for a special event? Check out these glamorous celebrity vintage hair styles. Use the best styling formulas to guarantee the long-lasting hold for your sparkling tresses. Steal the style secrets of your fave starlets to make sure you turn yourself into the top attraction of the party.
06 Apr, 2011

The preparations for a special event should include the selection of the most flattering and glossy hair style. Those who are rookies in the art of styling will have the chance to take a closer glimpse at the following celebrity vintage hair styles that offer the best blueprint to look gorgeous at all events.

Old Hollywood looks radiate high class and refinement. Those who wish to break with the tradition of modern updos can turn back in time to experiment with the most stylish curly and chic wavy hair designs. A wedding, the Prom together with other special occasions will encourage you to highlight your best assets and embrace a sparkling party look. Find out more on your top alternatives on how to sport your locks in the most sophisticated and classy way.

Kate Bosworth

Gwen Stefani

Rachel McAdams

Jamie King

  • Mid-length and short hair can serve as the best source material to create real artsy looks. Not only diamonds are a girl's best friends, you can include here also the stylish and soft curls that radiate glamor and femininity. First and foremost apply some mousse to damp hair and use hot rollers or the curling iron to start sculpting the strands.Use a high quality curling iron to boost the volume and definition of your tresses. Vintage curls look dazzling when paired with all face shapes. Train your hair with the most nutritive conditioning treatments to make sure your hair sculpting won't damage your locks. Choose the most flattering hair part to finish up the ultimate Hollywood glam do.

  • Christina Aguilera

    Kim Kardashian

    Lala Vasquez

    Lauren Conrad

  • If you're eager to flaunt your styling skills you can also opt for the more complex Vintage updos. These stylish buns and French twists look absolutely gorgeous when sculpted with high street formulas and tools. A sophisticated updo will speak for your creativity and style-awareness. Take a glimpse at these illustrative hair design examples and pick the one that best suits your preferences and the event you're preparing for. Wear your updo sleek and super-soft by applying some texturising paste to your locks before actually launching the makeover. Secure your stylish bun and apply a little body finishing spray to hold your do in place. Finally spritz a tiny gloss shine spray to your updo in order to arm up your strand with gleaming shine.

  • Paris Hilton

    Sienna Miller

    Taylor Swift

    Megan Fox
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