The sky is the limit with the bump hairstyles trend - the bigger the bump, the more glamorous your look will be! Here are some great bump hairstyles you can do at home and all you need are some ideas and styling know-how to style the bump on short, mid-length or long hairstyles.
All you will need is a rat tail comb, some bobby pins, volumizing mousse and gravity-defying strong hold hairspray.

How to Bump Hair
Half Updo with Bump Hairstyle

Bump Half Updo

The half up/half down hairstyle with bump is reminiscent of Bridget Bardot from the '60s, very popular for giving that sex-kitten look.

To style the bump half updo, part your hair from the top of your ears then, a section at a time, use a rat tail comb to tease hair back on itself to create height concentrating the volume rather to the crown than the forehead.
Once hair has a bulky and fluffy appearance, smooth over the the top of the teased hair and gather back and secure with bobby pins for a half up/half down style.

Mist with a healthy dose of hairspray to finish your bump 'do.

How to Style Bump pics
How to Tease Hump Hairstyles
Short Hair with Bump

Bump hairstyles are also perfect for short hair with bangs or longer layers at the front. Apply mousse through roots and blow-dry. Divide a section of hair from your temples back and use back-combing in short, sharp strokes to get the section to 'stand up'.

Use the comb to push your hair back towards the roots over and over.
Once your top section is 'fluffy' smooth over the top of the back-combing with the comb, directing hair back. Spritz with strong hold hairspray to keep the bump in place.

Bump on Short Hairstyles
Short Hair Bump

Ponytail Bump

Although very popular, ponytail hairstyles don't work on all facial shapes and aren't always very flattering. But by adding the bump to the ponytail and adding height and volume to the crown, the whole look is amped, making it look more than just a plain ponytail.

You can get the ponytail bump look by adding the bump either up front by teasing the bangs or place it further back on the crown just like at the bump half updo.
Gently tease your hair from your temples to the crown using a rat tail comb. Then gently smooth over and put the rest of your hair into a high ponytail.
Blast with hairspray to fix the bump in place.

Bump Ponytail Hairstyle
Ponytail Bump Pictures