2012 Teen Choice Awards Celebrity Hairstyles

2012 Teen Choice Awards Celebrity Hairstyles
The Teen Choice Awards were filled with glam and elegance as some of the most beautiful celebs enchanted the audience with gorgeous hairstyles worth copying ASAP.
23 Jul, 2012

Aside from a recognition of talent, fame and skills, the Teen Awards were also a splendid opportunity to spot a variety of covetable alternatives worth recreating, especially since the young talents in the industry chose to keep things fairly simple and classy. Once again, simplicity and refinement went hand in hand and the young A-list celebrities managed to look completely spectacular without trying too hard. Here are the most notable hair styling influences:

Middle Part Hairstyles

A quick commitment free alternative to styling has always been opting for a middle or center part and a multitude of fashionistas put this principle to work for the special occassion. Along with loose braids, gorgeous loose waves or with glossy tresses, the look proved instantly eye-catching and incredibly covetable. More complex styles were also adopted.

Gorgeous Updos

Updos match the occasion perfectly and a have fab complex allure. Taylor Swift has once again opted for a gorgeous soft updo with a romantic vibe and the choice proved extremely suitable for her. Crystal Reed made a similar choice, however she was more focused on keeping things classy. Both alternatives consolidated their status as fashionistas and left us craving for more.

Sleek Straight Hairstyles

The modern allure of sleek straight tresses was also extremely appreciated which is why several stars chose to adopt this trend and keep things simple and fabulous. From Gwen Stefani who choose a simple side part hairstyle to Demi Lovato who opted for a high ponytail, simplicity dominated the red carpet this year.

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