The 2010 bangs and fringe hairstyles are hotter than ever! Statement bangs are still in trends all designed to bring out your best features, whether they're side sweeping or strong, blunt and full.

Getting bangs cut in is the easiest way to update your current hairstyle without losing too much length and are suitable for long, mid-length or short hairstyles! Those with an oval face shape can rock any 2010 bangs and fringe styles, while square and round shaped faces should go for side-swept or asymmetric fringes.
Check out the hottest 2010 bangs and fringe hairstyles to get a clue on which will work best for you!

2010 Blunt Bangs Hairstyle Bob Hairstyle with Blunt Bangs

Extra Blunt Bangs

A blunt-cut fringe will transform any mid-length or long hairstyle in seconds! Styled for smoothness, the fringe hits right under the brows. When styling blunt bangs, always blow-dry hair concentrating on the fringe first – use a flat brush and direct air flow down to seal the cuticle and score some extra shine!

Long Hairstyle with Asymmetric Fringe Choppy Layered Fringe Hairstyle

Asymmetric Bangs

Update your straight hair by adding slightly choppy bangs that just dust the eyebrows. Have asymmetric bangs point cut so the ends get even more definition, then gently push them over to one side and pinch the ends with pomade.

2010 Full Bangs Full Bangs on Long Hair

Heavy Bangs

Thick bangs like these work best when they're styled straight and with super shine. To style, be sure to blow-out your fringe first, using a paddle brush to pull them straight as your direct air flow down. Touch up with shine serum to enhance the glossy shine!
Layered Bangs Hairstyle 2010 Bangs Hairstyle Ideas

Layered Bangs

A simple short haircut gets plenty of attitude when paired with layered bangs. You can style them by bringing them forward or pushing them back off the face.

2010 Side Sweeping Fringe Long Side Bangs 2010

Side Sweeping Bangs

Getting a flirty side sweeping fringe will take your long layered haircut to a whole new level. If you're cutting the fringe yourself, never go above the nose if you want to be able to swoop them to the side. And remember, when cutting your own hair, less is more. You can always cut more, but your can't put hair back on your head!

Side Fringe 2010 Long Side Bangs

Styling Tips!

Get a mini flat iron, rat tail comb and dry shampoo to style your bangs at home like a pro! Keep your bangs smooth by running a mini flat iron over the top layers. Create a subtle curve so they won't lay paper flat against your forehead!
Turn your flat iron off before using it so your bangs won't be over-straightened.

If by the end of the day your bangs look a little flat and greasy, bring them back to life with dry shampoo. The powder shampoo will absorb the excess oils and have your bangs looking fresh.